About Us

Founded on the early 80’s, (under the name “Stop & Rent”) as a small family owned business in the city of Kos, Greece. As time went by, the growth of our ambitions moved the headoffices to Mastichari region hotel zone, in which we pride to cooperate with 4 & 5 stars hotels such as Neptune Hotels & Resort, Gaya Palace & Gaya Royal, Horizon Resort, Marmari Palace, and Princess of Kos among others.

Throughout the years we have grown to one of the most respectable motor rentals companies in Kos (recently renamed to “motorplan”) and our evergrowing obsession for quality and safety offers you a “free of worries” ride as we work hard to gain what is above all:  Your respect for what we do..

..rent from motorplan and enjoy adventure, freedom, mobility and individuality..

..ride at your own pace… explore where you want, what you want, when you want..

..take advantage of our route advise and ride the best of kos..

..experience the mediterranean scenery of  Kos Island, the amazing variety of foods.. our culture.. our language.. our people....on our motorcycles!! and what’s more..take the vehicle with you at the nearby islands and discover their local attractions too!!

..make freedom your priority… then..

..look at your watch! !it’s time to ride!

(free pick-up / delivery service available..)